What does it mean when a guy walks by and his eyes meet yours then he looks away, then looks back and smiles?

I see this guy everyday in the hallway. I'm 16 and he's 17 and yes we do talk sometimes when we get the chance. He's a really genuine and funny guy. When every we walk to class he opens doors for me and his friends look at me strange even when he's not around. Do you think he's into me? And should I wait for him to make a move?


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  • yes, he's definitely into you, wait for him & if he takes more than a week tell him how you feel


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  • He might be into you or he might just be trying to be nice.

    As for the hallway thing he might not completely notice you before he looks away but then realizes it and turns back to smile at you. You have to understand that guys don't completely pay attention to their surroundings, but if they see someone/something that is interesting to them they will take a second look.


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