Can you find something that matches these?

Can you find something that matches these?

I have a lot of clothes that I have nothing to pair them with. Can you help me? I'm going shopping soon and want to figure out what goes with what.
Jean jacket
Leather jacket with studs
black straight skirt
long white coat
giant plaid shirt
tight white t-shirt
red pants
jean short shorts
red small top which shows belly a little
knee high socks
several scarfs and animal hats (not real animals just animal characters)
and any suggestions for dresses for a body like mine? (Pics above)


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  • ♢ Black skirt, red top, leather jacket, scarf
    ♢ Jeans, white t-shirt, jean jacket, scarf
    ♢ Leggings, plaid shirt, studded leather jacket/white coat, scarf
    ♢ Black skirt, white t-shirt, knee-high socks
    ♢ Red pants, white t-shirt, studded leather jacket, scarf
    ♢ Jean shorts, plaid shirt, socks (?)

    Given your body shape, I would go with a dress that cinches your waist in a little and flows down straight rather than puffing out at the hips. If you don't want to wear sleeveless you can go with something that has loose sleeves. Something like this would be nice:

  • Black pants and jeans go with everything.

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