okay... I posted this picture and someone said I looked like a whale and tons of people agreed... I thought it was a cute picture, I don't see it? please tell me, does this picture make me look incredibly fat or "whale-like"? or was I just getting bullied.


  • You seriously look enormous
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  • I don't get it? you look perfectly fine
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Most Helpful Girl

  • your cheeks look chubby but that doesn't mean you are fat. whoever said that was just trying to be mean brush it off


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What Guys Said 2

  • I think it is because your cheeks looks bigger in that angle. You look better in your profile picture.

    • Yeah but my profile pic hasn't been changed in a long time, that picture is 2 years old and I have gained some weight in between then and now so my face is a little fuller. I'm not a f***ing whale tho just because my cheeks are a little bit chubbier

    • Haha, seems like I stepped on a mine, lol. But no, I would not say you look like a whale, honestly.

  • whattt...maybe a killer whale (which are actully really large dolphins..not whales) but nooo. I don't see you looking like a whale (weight wise)

    • Lol I'm not sure how to take that?

    • Take it as however you want to take it

What Girls Said 4

  • i think you look pretty. People are just assses

  • So you got some extra lovin, who cares. Know how to work it and everything will be okay.

    • Im just confused because you can barely see anything but my face!

    • I would personally say it's because your cheecks look a bit big,like babyish,but that's good.Don't let the haters get to you.lol.

  • I don't get it all you can see is your face. I would think you would need to see your whole body to call you fat much less a whale.

  • You do not look like a whale at all, it's a cute picture! Whoever said that obviously has some jealousy or insecurity issues, so don't let that comment get to you! I'm 5'4" and thin, and at a bar a few weeks ago this jerk from one of my college classes told me I looked fat in the dress I was wearing. I know I didn't look fat in the dress and the guy was just trying to hurt my feelings. If you know it was a cute pic, that's all that matters! :-)