Guy tickles, guy helds my hand, guy stares at me, guy plays with my hair?

is he into me? or just my body? we flirt all day long... what are other signs you guys make to let the girl you fancy you LIKE them for them or just their booty. thanks!


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  • here are some signs talking with girls about sensetive subjects because you trust them. much smiling and funny subjects. and like you said touchy.all that you said tell that he likes you but playing with your hair is a big plus .I think he is really into you just flirt back and find out

    • We laugh a lot together and he does talk to me about his family and asks about my sick dad...:)

      we can't help smiling at each other every time we see us

    • Oh you guys are allready so close nice to hear that :)

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  • Does he repect you as a person, do you have rapport, trust, open communication, does he confide in you these as some of the things you need to establish metal attraction if their is little or no mental attraction it is a pysical attraction and he is interested in hooking up with you or friends with benefits arrangement that can lead to a relatoinship if mental attraction increases.

    • Yes we do have all those things - respect, rapport, etc. he doesn't care about other girls here. as soon as he sees me, he comes up to me right away..

  • He could be into you or just playing with your head to get in your pants sometimes guys see how high your guard is or how low it is. Not everything we do is intentional, but just wait it out and see if he is into you or the obvious other option.


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