Any Indian people on this site?

If so, where are you all from? Age? Born in the US or no?


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  • Lol, dot not feather. I have feather heritage but not a whole lot. It's enough to leave my face and body almost void of any hair though. And yeah, I was born in the United States.

    • Yes I had to put that on my profile. I still got a guy asking me whether he can ask me about my Native American heritage and customs...

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    • I know! I think my nose is a bit too hooked to pass for native american.

    • I noticed more in the flesh tone, the eyes, and your cheek bones aren't as prominent/squarish as many native american women's are. The guy must have just been smoking something, or just isn't that aware of the differences=P Ps Hope you don't think the 'hooked nose' is a bad thing. it's quite adorable, at least in your case o.O

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  • i am new on this site . Age 20 in india and still in india . That's it .

    One thing more dot not feathers

  • No, but South African.

    • Cool! I think Afrikaans sounds cool. I just didn't understand anything the main guy from from District 9 said when he spoke in English. I had to use subtitles :(

  • how about pakistan?

  • I can pretend? I tan well. You are just really hot.

    • Aww it's ok. Tan is still good. I will cook Indian food for you like a good Indian woman (hug hug). Don't worry I'll use minimal curry, I know it stinks up the place. Ha!

    • You're really hot once again, so stink up as much as you'd like! I wouldn't mind.

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  • I am from north India.

    I was born in India and came to Canada 7 years ago.

    im 18.

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