Hey everyone! Any haircut suggestions for me?

Any suggestions welcome. I'm not looking for anything extreme (I. e. highlights or shaved patterns) just something cool and casual :)
Thanks everyone!Hey everyone! Any haircut suggestions for me?


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  • You can try the undercut with the back and sides disconnected from the top. The sides and back are cut with a clipper with a #2 or #1 guard, I have seen some guys who used no guard. The top is cut with scissor and is generally 2 inches or longer so it won't be confused with a high and tight, it looks best if the top is longer than 2 inches. You look like you have the hair for the undercut. You can get a shaved design like two lines on the side.
    I would not advise doing highlightt since they cost $55 and up, but since you have shorter hair, it shouldn't be no more than $55 to $75. Call around and ask bout prices first.
    The classic short sides and back is always popular, just have the top blended and you are all set. There are many variations as well but the most popular is #3 or #4 guard on the sides and back and blended with the top.
    Hope this helps.


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