Can you guys help me out with fashion?

I want to get new glasses frames and a new haircut to flatter the round structure of my face. A lot of guys say my thick black glasses are a major turn off and both girls and guys agree that I need to change my hairstyle. I want to look alluring and beautiful, and I am working on my weight to achieve Ariana Grande's slenderness or maybe Kylie Jenner's body type because no guy likes a thick/non skinny girl. I want to look like a different person and make all the guys who rejected me regret their decision and for once be the center of jealousy. So I would like to have some makeup, hairstyle/haircut advice, glasses advice and fashion advice, please.


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  • I'd suggest you to try contact lenses. They are bothersome at first, but you get used to them. Personally, I find them more comfortable than glasses, because I can see better when I do my makeup, and glasses always felt heavy and slid down my nose, especially when sweaty. You have some very nice almond shaped eyes, I actually love the smoky look you have on. You could even try cat eye makeup. And red lipstick, a true red or an orange/red. You could try your hand in contouring as well. About the haircut, I 'd suggest you to let your hair down and straighten it with a side part or a center part, but don't forget the heat protection spray. However, you should do it for yourself, not to please others. Every person has different tastes and we can't appeal to everyone anyway. Oh and don't do any extreme diets, focus on changing your eating habits into healthier ones.


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  • You probably need to post a picture of yourself... Some fashions look good on some people and some don't.

    Also, sure, get skinny. But not Ariana grande skinny... that isn't healthy

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