Semi-formal dress for a beach wedding?

Leaving links to four dresses that caught my eye. I'm not clear on what exactly would be semi-formal, especially since the wedding is on a beach and I thought those were usually casual weddings. I'll probably just wear the dress with nice white sandals, maaaybe a bracelet, earrings, and a nice updo. Please vote on which would be best!

Striped Dress: https://www. modcloth. com/shop/dresses/maritime-is-on-your-side-dress-in-ruby
Crocheted Dress: https://www. modcloth. com/shop/dresses/beguile-we-re-at-it-dress
Dotted Dress: https://www. modcloth. com/shop/dresses/you-ve-dot-to-be-sure-dress
Jade Dress: https://www. modcloth. com/shop/dresses/the-dancer-to-your-questions-dress-in-jade

  • Striped Dress
  • Crocheted Dress
  • Dotted Dress
  • Jade Dress
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  • Does the invitation say semi-formal?

    • Yep, sorry if that was unclear.

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    • It kind of is but she picked semi-formal. So as long as you're not spilling out of it I think it should be okay.

    • True. I think the reviews got me a little worried, haha. Everyone's apparently wearing it for dates and clubs and stuff! Just really quickly, two last links just in case (but I might go for the red anyway). I promise I'll leave you alone after this, haha.

      https://www. modcloth. com/shop/dresses/when-the-night-comes-dress-in-smoke
      https://www. modcloth. com/shop/dresses/how-does-sheath-do-it-dress-in-teal

What Guys Said 1

  • Crocheted will look best with no shoes. Which in my opinion is the best beach footwear.

    • It's semi-formal, so I don't think "no shoes" will fly, unfortunately. I agree that barefoot is better, though!

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    • Right? I'm actually a little annoyed, haha. Why would you choose a beach wedding and then ask everyone to dress up like that? Bah humbug.

      Maybe I'll go barefoot anyway as a form of protest. Be free, feet!

    • Power to the people! And their feet!

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  • Anything really!