They were a cute couple, feeling self conscious?

Alright so this guy was my best friend and we eventually became more then friends. We had really good chemistry but things just kind of fell apart (drama and everything). He started dating another girl, who I really don't like, and as much as I HATE to say this -- they looked good together. They were both tall, had blond hair and blue eyes. Even though they LOOKED good together they weren't good together, obviously because they broke up (I knew they would!)

And maybe this is really vein I don't know but I just feel self conscious. I feel like she is more attractive then me, and I would just look bad with him. But I mean, even when we were "just friends" people would ask us if we were dating because of the strong chemistry.

But anyways, what makes a cute couple in your opinion?


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  • If they display public affections.


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