Guys, what exactly do the words adorable, cute, and hot mean to you?

One day, as I was eating lunch with some guys friends, they began explaining to me the difference between adorable, cute, and hot. I think it's sort of interesting to hear your opinions, so, what do those words mean to you? And what category are you most attracted to? Bear in mind that any category can have pretty girls in it, probably even sexy girls too.

The way they made it seem was that hot girls are sort of bitchy and not what they would want to date, despite physical attraction. Cute girls are the kind of girls they could have relationships with, and adorable? I don't really remember.

any answers would be cool :). Thanks!


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  • i guess adorable would be like innocent looking, but beautiful

    cute is really pretty but probably not huge boobs/butt

    hot is really good body with at least a decent face.

    i prefer adorable and cute over hot any day.

  • i have always considered cute as in just a cute face

    and hot like a nice body


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