When you look in the mirror, are you ever confused at the reflection?

Sometimes when I look in the mirror I just can't associate myself with the person on the other side. But I'm an odd one. Just wondering if any one has ever had this problem.


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  • When I look in the mirror I see a person that others do not. I hear all the compliments from others and say, that can't be this person, can it? Why do they see this in me and I do not. I'm staring that the same person!

    It's usually a comment that I think is just "nice", because I used to, and I still might a little, have self esteem issues. But I have come to accept that people do not give comments out like candy on Halloween. Why would a person take their time to compliment a random stranger? In this world of fast paced economics and money making, people do not have such time for things that do not deserve the time.

    And I have also begun to see what others say. Like a cloud dissipating, one image faded into another. The one that others have said. I was very negative of myself, very self critical. But I now see what others see in me. I am a nice person, I do care, and I'm not that bad looking.

    Now on another note, self identity, on a deeper level. Your morals, values, beliefs, "wrong doings", "right doings", what makes you care, are you attractive, what do you want in life, what do you have, what is life to you, who do you care for, what do you admire in others.

    You know? Look at yourself in the mirror, and for a minute or two, do not think of all the things people say you are. People do not define you. Without all the labels, positive compliments, negative compliments, who are you? What are your talents? Your beliefs, values, morals, if you were another person and saw this person, would you want to talk to them?

    Now, since you have that image of yourself, keep it. Commit it to memory, this is you. This can change, you will change throughout life. But, when someone says you are something, look back to this image of yourself, look within and you will know what you are, who are you. Not what others tell you you are.

    Good Luck BiteSizedDonut! :)

    • Well said!

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    • "Supposedly our friends are our best mirrors." It is also true that what we admire in others is what we already have, but don't think we do. You associate with people of the same mind. When your depressed or angry you want someone just as mad to share in that experience. On the other hand, when you are happy, you don't wan to be around a depressive person, you want to be around happy individuals.

      Maybe your friends will show you something about yourself that you do not see, by who they are.

    • Perhaps - then again - the negative things in people that annoy me the most are also those things that are negative in me. :-\

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  • When I look in the mirror I tend to weep uncontrollably, and I thus avoid it. I even refuse to go outside in the rain, for fear of unintentionally encountering a puddle. ; - )

    • Haha - cute palek. You are much too hard on yourself. :P

      I tend to avoid mirrors as well >_> Perhaps that explains my confusion when I take the time to look in one lol.

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    • Hehe, Palek do you ever give a serious answer :P

      You do tend to lighten the mood though, so it's all good ;)

    • I can only seem to be serious for short lengths of time. I mostly just amuse myself, though once in awhile someone else gets a chuckle.

  • yeah, its difficult to look back at yourself and be confused about who exactly your looking at. I always feel so lost when I catch myself in the mirror, its like you momentarily forget who you are and than you see yourself again...i don't like it. id rather just live and not wonder who I am and let how I live my life decide what I look like

    • You're so right. Our visage offers little to nothing in defining who we are.

    • I'm finding that to be the main incongruence - who I am... who I really am has little or nothing to do with what I look like. I can't match the two. It would be interesting to see what our metaphorical insides looked like :3

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  • The way I see myself in my head isn't the way I see myself in the mirror. It's not better or worse, just a bit different. I don't know why. Sometimes it's weird to see my reflection and realize that that's really me, and it's all anyone sees when they look at me, not the image I have in my mind.

    • It seems the older we get, the more comfortable most of us become with the image in the mirror. Depending on how we live our lives of course. I wonder what Hitler saw, or if he could even bear to look?

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    • I know what ya mean. It just seems that over time our outer image becomes more user-friendly in a sense.

    • That's an interesting way to put it.

  • All of the time. It reminds me of that song from the old show, Braceface. "I wish I looked the way I feel..."

  • Yes, all of the time. I really can't figure out what I look like, as weird as that sounds.

    • Yeah - it's really hard to describe - or like sometimes I'll look at the mirror and just think, "that isn't me."

  • It's because what we feel about ourself is more mental then physical

  • Yes. This has happened to me before I look and look and the chick I see doesn't look familiar ...

    I guess it's kind of normal but a little scary.