Girls I need make-up tips?

Hey girls (and maybe guys)
I am not really that good with putting on foundation and I hate it. I have combination skin like it is really oily and after I cleaned my face to start with creams and foundation and stuff I have dry patches, flakes on my nose, forehead, cheeks. I now use a sponge and it is a bit better but now my forehead looks so... not smooth at all at the end, Also, with the time my foundation drips away on some spots (mostly on my left cheek only) and I have a bigger spot no foundation on it looks weird. Please help ;(
(I tend to have a red face with the time and I got some acne scars)
Thank you for any helpful adivce.


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  • Oh i have the same combination skin problem so i dont put foundation, unless really needed to. About acne scars if you want to cover them up fully you should search for some spesific colour (i think green covers the acne redness the best). You should also find out your skin undertone if you dont know it so you can choose the correct colour the best. On the end when you're done with the make up either buy that powder that keeps everything in place or spray it with hairspray (i heard it does wonders). Hope i helped :)

  • try out Vichy Normaderm BB cream
    It's for acne-prone skin, hydrating, and matte finish :) And since it's a bb cream, it covers up scars/redness