Guys, do you notice when your girlfriend gains weight?

It's all in the question, but I wanna know if you notice when your girlfriends clothes start getting too tight for her, or if she's starting to look thicker than usual and what do you think about it


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  • Most of the times girls are overly conscious. I remember I didn't notice my girlfriend gaining weight until she mentioned it and I saw her body every night. People see what they want to see. If a guy or girl has it in their mind that they or someone else is gaining weight they will see it. If they don't then chances are they won't unless it is a dramatic amount of weight like your clothes would start ripping or something lol. Sometimes the extra weight is good. For example if you hear a guy say your breasts or your butt got bigger than you know you gained weight but it could be for the better not necessarily negative. Guys like meat on a girl, well at least I know I do =]


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  • Yes. although to a certain point we may not mind it, especially if your really skinny.

    • What if the girl was a little thick before, in between skinny and fat, but now she's starting to look a bit on the overweight side

    • Depends on how she looks, can't really say. Some girls wear their weight better than others.

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