Girls, Do you think the beauty aisles should include all ethnicities?

Most mainstream department or grocery stores have two sections for products. One is the "beauty" ailse with products targeted more towards non minorities, and the other is labeled as the "ethnic" section where minority hair and beauty products tend to be sold.

Some minorities like that there is a specific section for them because it makes their hair and color specific products easier to find as a lot of the "beauty" products marketed towards other races, especially in hair care, are not formulated for their hair type and texture. Others feel that it should be one aisle. Why do minorities have to be an other or sectioned off from all other women when it comes to their beauty.

What do you think?

  • I'm not a minority. I think there should be separate sections.
    14% (2)
  • I'm not a minority. I think there should NOT be separate sections.
    29% (4)
  • I'm a minority. I think there should be separate sections.
    50% (7)
  • I'm a minority. I think there should NOT be separate sections.
    7% (1)
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  • i think that there should not be separate sections.. and damn :'( :'( why are shea moisture products not available here :'( I've heard they're perfect for curly hair


What Girls Said 5

  • Seems racist... but then again I have never seen this...

  • Hmm, I've never seen that before. I would think that there shouldn't be separate sections... I do think that lipstick and make up like that should be shown in images on various skin tones though because the same lipstick could look hugely different on a white girl to a black girl, for example. But yeah, I guess keep the same section.

  • They have separate sections in stores for that? Honestly any store I go into either there is only 1 aisle for beauty products or there is like 5 different aisles of so many different things for beauty stuff.

    Never seen one that separated the stuff due to skin or anything.

    • So the sections I see are based off what part of the body the product is meant for.

    • A vast majority of stores have a separate ethnic section. It's usually more so related to hair products and only a few years back, it was difficult to ever find ethnic make-up products in stores at all.

    • I've never seen that before.

  • i just like the separate sections because it's easier to find the right product for my hair type rather than searching through a combined aisle

  • If there is limited spacing, then it might make sense to organize hair products based on the type of hair it's designed for. That being said, to label the different sections "beauty" and "ethnic" is beyond messed up. Beauty exists among all races, and the different sections should be portrayed similarly.

    I have personally never seen a separate section. Everything is usually in one aisle, which is ideal.