Guys, have you ever wore a skirt. and if so, how did you like it?

skirts are seen as just for women but the anatimy down there would make skirts more suitable to men. but anyway i was just wondering how many guys mustered up the courage to wear a skirt. and how was the expiriance

alos i'd like it if you guys explained your reason for choosing what you chose.

ps clothes does not determane your sexual prefrance. you do, not anyone that sees you in clothes that isn't common

  • i did wear one and i really liked it
    11% (1)
  • i did wear one but i didn't like it
    11% (1)
  • i didn't wear one but i want to
    22% (2)
  • i didn't wear one and i don't want to
    56% (5)
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  • I see skirts as a female garment, and would not wear one, regularly.
    That said, I have worn one a few times (curiosity, and a Halloween costume). They are comfortable. Surprisingly so. And you feel much cooler in a hot day in them then in pants or even shorts.
    The discomfort came from making sure I didn't step on the one (long hem, too easy to walk on. seems like a design flaw) or show too much in the other (upskirts are a lot less fun when it's an overweight dude lol)

    • I see skirts as a man thing cuz of the design of the skirt that compliments the anatomy of the guys groin (enough space wise) vary comfy and I know i'm a guy and heterosexual

    • I just don't seem to get why so many people come to that conclusion that skirts are for female

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  • I would probably say C but I am more neutral than really want to, wouldn't be against it is what I mean I suppose.

  • nope.

  • I've worn a traditional dress with leg slits before, but it was somewhat annoying as it was too long for me.
    I would like to try a flared skirt with black tights though! Seems like a nice style to rock ;)

    • cool, but to me, skirts go better with no pants underneath (or underpants) cuz then whats the point? there's still something compressing your privates and keeping them closer to your body (body temp is not all to good for the sperm)

      I prefer layers. so it's modest and no one can see underneath but also it's still comfortable for me

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    • i am not associated with malay. don't speak there language, never been t there land, i just like the wearing of sarong

    • Because in my country, sarongs are a big part of the Malay culture and we associate them with childbearing mothers (or fathers with young children in general).

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