Do you guys ever wonder what girls will look like if they took their makeup off?

Do you guys ever wonder what girls will look like if they took their makeup off? Have you ever been with a girl that didn't look good without it on? Were you surprised? Do any of you resent that fact that girls get to wear it? Or do you like it when girls wear it because it makes them look good and shows that they put effort into their appearance?


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  • To a point, yes it makes you more attractive. In my opinion, if you like or love someone, it shouldn't matter whether they are wearing it or not. You can fall in love with someone, but when you just fall in love with their appearance, it is WRONG! That's because you truly don't love them. Yes we wonder what that, pretty girl will look like without makeup, but to me, it doesn't matter, because if I like them, I like THEM, and not their looks. And yes, it does show that they care about how they appear to boys, and in some cases girls. So we do care, but it shouldn't rule the relationship.


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  • Makeup is simply to hide imperfections. Once you truly love someone, you appreciate all of their imperfections so much that sometimes it is discouraging that they insist they wear makeup. Up until that point, it is nice to seem flawless but please don't overdo it. Use makeup to accent your features, not give you a new face. There is a fine line, and once you cross it it is very unattractive.

  • I've seen some chicks without make up, and lets just say it is a good thing make up was invented cause damn some of those chicks look way better with make up. Then again I've seen some chicks who don't wear any at all and they look really good, and I always wondered how much better she would look with make up.

  • some girls look good with make up on and some girls look good without make up on..yea I've been with a girl who didn't look good without it but I still liked her and was attracted to her..yea I like it because it makes them look good and to me it shows that they care about the way they look, but too much to the point that when you kiss them and some of it gets on ur lipps and face is not attractive..


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