Where can short men (5'3''/ 160 cm) find fitting clothes?

I'm male and pretty short. I'm 5'3''/160 cm. I always have problems finding the right clothes for me. Usually the sleeves are always too long for me.

I'm living in Europe. I buy Slim sized clothes (Size: 46; S) But the jackets, coats, shirts have too long sleeves... :-/


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  • https://www.petermanningnyc.com

    Alternatively, buy European brand clothes, they're usually more fitted and smaller than US manufacturers.

    • I already live in Europe. lol

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    • With Slim (Size: 46; S) I got this problem with too long sleeves... :-/

    • Wow ok lol. Uhm, the US does some good clothing specifically for short men, but it's not cheap to ship to the EU.

      I guess if the problem is only with tops, you can wear like i am wearing, a T-shirt + vneck jumper and roll the sleeves up most of the time? It's usually ok for most European temperatures.

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  • I have no clue. I am 5'2 short and I always have to tailor my jeans. Always.


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  • Baby Gap... lol... sorry... just referencing something.
    you aren't that short. go to a regular store... and worst case... hire a tailor.

    • I don't have money for a tailor. TT

    • start wearing sports stuff like i do... they fit any form...

  • Really? They make mediums. I've never had problems... then again I don't buy a lot of clothes either. Not my pants? That's a different story. I sometimes have to get them hemmed, but overall I don't usually have too many problems.