Does he find me unattractive?

I've always had the feeling the guy I'm seeing finds me unattractive. As cliched as it sounds, he closes his eyes during sex. That alone doesn't really bother me, because I do that sometimes as well. But I've seen him physically look away from me. Recently, he's been talking about losing weight and when I say that I'll have a lot of work to do to keep up with him, he seems to agree with me.

For instance, he asked me to make him a dirty video of myself and my reply was "I'm no where near comfortable enough with myself to do that." His reply: "Oh, I'm sorry." My reply: "-laughing- It's nothing you did." He then promptly changed the subject.

Am I crazy, or does he seem to find me unattractive? I mean, I know he's been with better looking girls. I just didn't realize I was so far behind.


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  • If he was not physically attracted to you he would not be dating you. Do you have mental attraction, trust, intimacy, communication, do you get along. If the mental attraction is high this can mitigate against the level of physical attraction that he has. If he was physically unattracted to you he would not ask for a dirty video of yourself so their is some pysical attraction to you.


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