Why am I so red on my face?

So yes, I understand blushing when I'm around a guy. But I don't even see my situation as blushing. My face get bright red all over! Not a spec of whiteness! It's horrible! I hate it so much. A lot of girls simply have pink on their cheeks because of blushing but I just look like a tomato and it's ridiculous! How do I get rid of it, or AT LEAST reduce it? I've tried green creams and whitening makeup but none of it seems to be working. Any products out there anyone recommends? Any tips at all?


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  • Have you had your blood pressure checked?

    Find one of those machines in a drug or grocery store.


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  • You could have rosacea which is a medical condition where your face randomly gets red. I have it. But for me it only appears later at night for some reason. If yours is so severe that your whole face gets bright red all over you could try medications for controlling rosacea. Mine isn't that severe.

    Just wear some good foundation. I use Revlon Color Stay liquid foundation. Applying bronzer to your cheeks could help detract from your facial redness as well.

    Good luck.