Girls, I don't want to have prickly hair but I neither want messy looking hairiness. What to do?

I don't know what should I do? It seems like a curse , a never ending battle which i end up loosing.
I have lot of hairs on most of my body. The hairs are dense and coarse.
Obviously it looks messy and dirty creepy , but if i wax i get itchy ingrown and if i shave or trim closely i get stubbly prickly feel which isn't nice to touch and run hands on it , so obviously it would be turn off and hurt women in intimacy. The delicate female skin would get hurt by scruff and stubble.
urgh , i loose this battle!


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  • Just let it grow out. Course longer hairs are much better than stubby and prickley

    • ya those are better to touch and rub, like a pet , but the look isn't nice infact its messy and icky and compared to bare skinned woman it feels ew

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    • hmmm , i feel the same... but facts can't be denied!

    • I will try and be less judgmental

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