Girls, Whoch face shape do I have?

Girls, Whoch face shape do i have?

I said girls because i thunk girl are more careful about fashion sense and these things. I wondered my face shape (i wanna change my hairstyle)...

  • Round
    11% (3)
  • Oval
    22% (6)
  • Rectangle
    33% (9)
  • Oblong
    0% (0)
  • Square
    15% (4)
  • Diamond
    11% (3)
  • Triangular (or inv. trinagle)
    8% (2)
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I'm a Girl
Okay everybody choose all thungs except oblong. Okay i can have a diamond or triangular face maybe oval face but round i dont think i am round it is a really wide face with full cheeks.


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