Are all genders attracted to people with confidence? or is confidence only a masculine trait? do you think?

Is Confidence a Masculine Trait only? or do you think people of all genders, like do you think most guys are attracted to girls with confidence like girls are attracted to guys with confidence? I like Confident Girls, but I don't know if I can speak for most other guys, but I do know without a doubt that girls are obsessed with confident guys just like how guys are obsessed with sex for the most part. So what do you think? Is Confidence a Masculine, Male trait only? or is it a Trait for both Sexes?

  • Confidence is a Masculine Trait only, only girls are attracted to Confident Guys, not vice-versa
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  • Confidence is an appealing trait that both guys and girls are attracted to
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  • Yes guys are attracted to confident girls, at least that's what I've seen. if a girl is insecure he might use her for money or sex but he will never truly like or respect her. if she can't like or respect herself why should anyone else? confident people are sexier, male and female. now a girl with no confidence might be more likely to be easier to manipulate so that's the only reason guys might go for them but its not for anything good


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  • Sure confidence is an appealing trait for both genders, it's just that (like most other things) we show it in different ways. You want a girl who's confident in who she is, has great self-esteem, and isn't looking for you to be a crutch for her, right? Most guys want that too- no guy really wants a girl who is full of insecurities and always doubting herself, never feels good enough- that's not attractive! And girls want a guy who can assert himself, is confident in his beliefs and self so that he doesn't need to result to childish antics to make himself feel good about himself.

    • Yeah but it seems girls are attracted to confidence more than guys are

    • I don't think so- which girls do you notice and pursue? The wallflower who has no confidence to join in the conversation/fun or the catty one who always puts others down because she's insecure? I don't think many guys do- most of the time the girls who are relaxed and having fun, but not trying TOO hard are the ones who get noticed.

What Guys Said 1

  • I love confident girls, being with a more dominant girl is a turn on for a lot of guys, myself included... Some might feel insecure about it, but that's their own problem.

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