Why always black and white inner wear?

hi girls,
why do u girls always (most) wear black bra and white panty!(most)?

80%will wear this color (black bra and white panties)


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  • I hate that combination. I don't even own any white bras and I hate white underwear. At most I wear a black bra and black panty together but every in other instance I have a colorful combination between the bra and panty that compliments each other nicely.

    • Awesome!!
      Girls should wear more black or vibrant colored bra and panties - they add color to life!
      I find that white bra and panties become translucent with moisture, stained too easily and are just plain boring.

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    • Haha, thanks for the compliment ^_^

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  • Where I am, I almost always find girls wearing baby blue, pastel pink or simply white. Never liked them, they seem so plain and uninteresting.
    Why can't more girls wear nicer colors like purple, navy or green?

    • It's not like you're gonna be seeing them so why do you care? 😂😂

    • @Mongo112323 I mean like don't you want to exude a more vibrant vibe by wearing more interesting undies?
      I don't know how girls feel, but I certainly feel that such colors and patterns spice up my life whenever I wear them.

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