Guys - What first attracts you to a girl?

The Question says it basically ;)

whats first draws you in?

The way she dresses, the way she acts, how pretty she is etc. ?

be totally honest please


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  • If its a girl that I haven't talked to before then how good looking she is and what her style is are the primary factors in attractiveness. If I have talked to her a few times then how friendly she is and whether or not we have good conversations attracts me in addition to everything I've mentioned before.


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  • The face( if you check numerous studies, despite the fact that guys enjoy checking out what's below eye level, the face is still deemed to be the most attractive feature of a girl) EYES are gr8 too, hair, facial exzpression, overall demeanor.

  • I would say that the deal breaker is her face. I don't care if she has a flat breast . If she dresses elegantly then that's beautiful. The way she acts is not that important .

    btw, you have a beautiful face.

  • Her looks. Which include the face, hair, etc. At first glance most guys know if they like or dislike a girl.


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