How can I get a "look"???

I'm preppy like.hollister, hurley, american eagle, buckle etc. I don't really have a certain cute look. What style do you think I should have? I'm 5 "7" and 140 pounds.brown hair with blonde streaks and black at the me decide what style!


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  • The easiest and best way would be to hang out with your girlfriends and have have them critique what you wear. It's impossible (in my opinion) to give anyone an idea of how you look without showing the person what you look like, and what you look like in certain clothes.

    My brother has always been fashion police for me. If I wear something society thinks is ugly or stupid, he'll tell me, and help me fix it. I'm sure there are people in your immediate surroundings, family or friends, that can help you pick something out.

    Though, sometimes I wear whatever the hell I want because that's just me, even if other people think it's horrible. So, be who you want to be, and do what you want to do. Don't let things like "styles" control you.


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  • Mix and match. Go on a shopping spree with a buddy that is brutally honest. Try as many clothes as you can and take pictures while you are at it. Then, look at them and with your friends help - figure out which look works best for you! Try anything that you would NEVER think of trying - but this time around give yourself a change. For your make-up, go to m.a.c and ask them to do a free sample style on you. They'll do it - honestly. The chicks in that store are pretty damn good so ask them as to what your look should be in terms of make-up. For hair, if its long and light, go short and dark. Do something amazingly crazy - that'll give a new personality and a great look. The best thing to do is just mix and match and save a lotta money for some crazy shopping.

    Oh, and I can't really tell you a specific style on here without actually being there with you or actually knowing how you look. So try the above suggestion and see if it works.

    Good luck.

  • I'm going to say what Hercules said. But adding that try different things I'm a fan of leggings, knit dresses, ballet flat type things. (The preppiest thing I can think of is sweater vest, which could be awesome). So ask some friends/family who's style you like (or strangers have come up to me before asking where I bought this or that) but try to be comfortable and try new things, even if you go to a store with a friend and she/he picks out something you think would be horrible on you, still try it on, you could be surprised, and don't wear anything you're not comfortable in (outside of the change room, mirror or not).

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