Makeup: Do you like girls wearing make up or none at all or just a little?

OK I have a couple of questions to ask and would love guys opinions ^^

Just wondering because I went through a stage of liking to wear eye liner and blusher and foundation but now I just like to stick to as natural as possible (maybe a small amount of foundation to even out the skin tone and to cover up any blemishes) and just some mascara but no eye liner and just a natural colored looking lipstick.

1) Makeup: Do you like girls wearing make up or none at all or just a little ?

2)If so what sort of make up do you like on a girl ? E.g, Foundation, eye liner, mascara, eye shadow, blusher, lipstick, lip gloss?

3) What styles of make up, like natural so the girl looks as natural as possible or do you like things like smokey eyes ?

4) This is sort of a link to question 3 (well OK so most of these questions are linked lol) does your opinion change in the surrounding, say natural in the day and maybe a bit more on a night out ? Like maybe a bit of eye make up at night and a different shade of lipstick ? or still natural.

Would love to know your opinions and what you like on a girl and what you don't :)


5)Hair styles ? what sort of hair styles do you like :)

6) I have naturally quite straight hair but some times when I dry it it has a bit of random raves to it (not curly of overly wavy) it just has a bit of a wave and gives it a bit more volume. I some times completely straighten my hair just to even it out but not all the time and I wondered what you preferred ? natural with a bit of wave or straightened completely ? Also if you prefer curls that's fine to say :)


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  • 1) Make up: Only just a tid bit. I normally prefer natural skin; however, if there are noticeable blemishes I like it when there is effort to conceal or heal them (Not evidence of the zits being picked at or otherwise)... A great alternative is proactive. It's relatively inexpensive for the results. You can get starter packs around $25/mo that include everything you'll need. Just go with the basics and you'll be fine. The higher end kits are unnecessary.

    2) eye liner, lipstick / lipgloss, eye shadow are okay... MINIMAL amounts of foundation and eye shadow if any at all.

    3) I like unique style, anything that compliments her body, even if it isn't "original" or "unique" is great. So if you can invent some "look" that makes you glow in a unique way without mimicing someone else, great! Do it. But preferably only on the nights that you "go out" for a good night. If you repeatedly wear makeup, it will build up in your pores (where proactive comes into the picture ^_^)

    4) Great question. I strongly think it goes with the environment you're targeting similar to how companies use marketing techniques with models at photoshoots. You don't want an A&F model looking like a DG model. You want a unique appearance. I think it's great to stick with themes, but not like "dungeons and dragons", don't take that comment over-board, lol.

    - Basically, if you wear your "smokey eyes" to a night club, it would fit in better than at a book-club for school. See what I'm getting at? Okay.. next!

    5) LONG hair is a positive. SOFT hair is a positive. STYLE is a trait, if that "trait" compliments your body (i.e. curly / wavy / etc complimenting your tall curvy body)... Then awesome, go with that look that you get compliments with, us guys love it. But keep it original, don't go 100 years with the same hairstyle. Ask your hairstylist to "break loose" and do whatever they want but that you want it to look good and with a certain appeal (I.e. "I'm going on a photoshoot tomarrow, do whatever you'd recommend").

    - It sounds kind of scary to do, and I feel you. I've had a few failures and a few REALLY great looks from my local stylist. I gave her some business and got free haircuts, and the bad ones? Well needless to say, my hair doesn't look "bad" at any time, it's just opposite of what I want. In the event that everything goes wrong, my hair will grow back in a month.

    6) I think your doing the right thing by keeping it straight, it seems to compliment your picture nicely. But I'd really like to see you with crimped hair that had shadows O_o... I think that would be a good look for a "night out"... Plus, back to how your hair is in the default, it definately has definition and volume already. If you left it wavy that would just add to it. I think it's always great to condition your hair and treat it right.

    I sound completely gay in all of this

    ~ ArtistBBoy

    • Hey thanks for the great answers again :D I totaly understand with all of your answers and I find these really helpfull :) I do try to change my style from time to time (some times I have a fringe put in and I always have different fringes when I decided to change my style and also I have different lengths from time to time but normaly no shorter than just bellow the shoulder) I also agree to treating your hair right :) luckily mines always been in nice conidition :)

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    • Psh, you have no room to be posting old pictures. Do us the favor and update it? =)

      Lol jk, but regardless. You look good in that default. My favorite is pictures about doing a hobby. I wish I could go on the slopes this year!! OMG I would love to have a snowboarding pic... Damn..

      Andddddd round 2... I definately sound gay.

    • Ha thts cool I'd love to learn to snow board lol I love skiing :) I keep wanting to go on a skiing holiday again this year lol aspecialy after watching winter olympics lol my main hoby is show jumping/ horse riding :)

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  • 1) I like girls who wear make up but not a whole lot.

    2) I don't really know make up, but I like make up on the eyes. Sometimes lipstick, the natural color mostly. I see make up on the cheeks and all but I don't think its neccesary.

    3) Smokey eyes I guess. The natural look I have been noticing a bit lately and I like it aswell.

    4) My opinion does not change in the surrounding really.

    5)I like long hair more. Slightly curved in areas. A little wavey but a liitle straight.

    6) Natural with a bit if wave.

    Well, that's my opinion..

    • Thanks for your opinion :) its nice to get guys opinions on these things as I have noticed that guys like the natural look or a minimalistic as possible, where as I know girls who think they have to wear loads of makeup to impress the guys (like my friend for instance she has to wear loads of makeup because she thinks guys won't like her with out it though I personaly think she looks nicer with just abit of makeup on) so thanks for your opinion :D

  • 1. I like girls that wear some make up... it means that they know they're not perfect and make an effort to look good.

    2. I like when a girl is wearing maybe some mascara. no lip gloss or lipstick. foundation is also good. eyeliner or eye shadow have potential.

    3. if ur naturally hot, then stay natural. if your only "okay" then give yourself some exotic eyes I guess.

    4. oh... I prefer you look best at night. don't care about the mornings. sh*t... who does?

    5. long hair. blonde or brunette and black can look nice. don't cut ur bangs. you will look like a retard. part it on one side because if its straight down its gonna look bad.

    6. I like straight hair. that's all to it.

    ... by the looks of ur photo, you don't need to do anything. seriously.


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