Good Ice Breakers?

OK in my school caff their are a lot of girls I would really like to talk to. I'm a little shy but once I'm in I'm really hard to stop. It's school and I don't want to come on to hard, what's a good approach to talking to some girls that you catch eyes with pretty often. Some girls will come sit at a table beside me and then leave.


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  • well when you make eye contact with them, don't look away. their bound to look back at you and then just give them a smile. so once that happens a few times then you can probably say hi the next time their close or around you. continue that for a while and you're sure to become comfortable enough to go and talk to know to find out their name and other things. so its all about having a bit of patience to carry this plan through. because girls wouldn't want someone they don't even know just coming up to them and catrrying on like your'll have been friends for ages. its a bit creepy and we would definitely have a good laugh about it.


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