How can you tan pale skin?

I am a 14 year old with pale skin. I am not white, (not referring to me ethnicity, although i am australian/english), I am just pale with like a slight yellowish tint to my skin. I have tried to tan in the past and honestly it has kinda worked but it just fades.

Please leave your suggestions on:
- How to actually tan pale skin
- How long it takes to develop a dark tan on pale skin (days/weeks wise)
- How long it takes to develop a dark tan on pale skin (minutes/hours wise)
- What cream / lotion / oil do i use? (or is there something else)
- What cream / lotion / oil do i use? (WHICH IS THE DARKEST, FASTEST) suggestions
- Can you wear fake tan whilst i tan outside
- Where can I tan? (do i have to lay down) (near water or like wear the sun is reflected)
- How to tan without lying down (walking around in the sun, even though I would only tan my legs/arms)

thank you, I'm really desperate!


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  • You have to start as a base if you don't want to get burnt so usually tanning salons will get that... then after you will tan ontop of that naturally. Using sunscreen but tanning oil or coconut oil will make you darker

    • so spray tan/ fake tan whatever way. Then sunscreen and whilst you have sunscreen also apply something like Maui Babe Browning Lotion?

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    • @TheGuy101 I agree! I'm a little dark and protect my skin!

    • @YingKim well done :)
      protect your natural skin tone. This is your identity. Be proud of it

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  • I used to burn really easy and never tanned that much but nowadays things have gotten considerably easier for me.

    It's certainly helped having dogs that I need to take out daily... it equates to a 30min walk in the morning, a 15minute walk in the afternoon, and an hour walk in the evening.

    Which is rather smart if you think of it... 30minutes in the morning when the sun isn't very intense, only 15minutes when the sun is near it's most intense, and an hour when it's at it's weakest.

    Then you compound that time with drives, hikes, pool time, and what ever other outdoor activities you do and for me... by the end of the summer my white ass tends... okay it's still white... but a lot less so.


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  • With bronzer or self tanner


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  • By laying out in the sun