GAG'ers, what does your favourite summer outfit look like?

Most GAG'ers live in the Northern hemisphere so for us it's now spring time and summer is on its way.
Probably our summer clother already come out of the locker on the best days now and soon it will be that time of the year...
I'm convinced our friends from the Southern half of our globe will remember their favourite outfit from shorly back!
I like a simple look, for example shorts and T-shirts. Like these examples:
GAG'ers, what does your favourite summer outfit look like?

Curious what your favourite summer outfits look like :D


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  • A short cotton printed "Prairie Dress' about half way up her sensual thigh. She likes to 'twirl', and show a little glimpse of her Flower-printed, sensible cotton panties!!
    No thongs, no trashy things, just sensible, comfortable, for HER, undethings.

    • Haha dreaming allowed... and there are some compliments for your girl in that opinion :D

    • What's the issue with just respecting women, and loving them, dressed, conservatively, but with a hint of seduction?

    • Absolutely nothing :D

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