Is it correct that if a guy likes you, he would come look for you and if he doesn't do that, that means he is.

that means he is not interested in you? Is that how it is with most guys when they like a girl? Well, there is this supervisor I like at work and I think he likes me too but he never say anything nor did I.. So.. And I just got fired from there so I don't think I would be able to see him again. So, I just wonder if he really likes me, would he try to call me and if he doesn't, does it mean that he is not interested in me or could he still be interested in me and not call me or what? Or could there be some misunderstandings that get in the way that cause him to think I am not interested in him and make him not call me or do you think he would still call me if he is interested in me? What do you think? And if he doesn't call me or anything, does that mean he is not interested in me? He never asked for my phone number and we never talked but I just have the feeling that I like him and he likes me. I have put down my phone number on the job application when I first applied, so I think he would have access to it... But I just wonder that is it true that if he likes me, he would call me and if he doesn't call me, that means he is not interested in me?


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  • Just trash it all.. don't date people at work.