Can my skin handle jet black hair?

I always thought i would look best with black hair.

Anyway i hear that jet black hair "washes you up" whatever that means, and that it makes you look pale and dead.

Can my skin handle it?

InsideCan my skin handle jet black hair?



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  • Sure. You have really dark eyebrows and eyes to go along with it. It already looks black in the first and last photo as well; it suits you well. I dye my hair jet black too. Kind of pointless since my hair's already a dark brown and there isn't much of a difference unless I'm under the sun, but I just really like it jet black. I say go for it if you really want it. :D

    • Omg thank you for answering. I have never dyed my hair before though so I have no idea how to go about it. Can you help

    • It's really quite easy to do yourself when you have short hair. You can get those regular box dyes and just follow the directions on it. Just remember to always use gloves, because it can get quite messy and you wouldn't want to stain your hands! X) That said, apply petroleum jelly on the perimeters of your face close to the hairline, including the neck and the ears, to prevent unwanted staining. Also, it would be better to wash your hair clean without using a conditioner and to dry it completely before applying the dye. That way, you've cleaned off all the dirt buildup and oil that would make it harder for the color to hold onto your hair.

      To make it even easier, you can get a foam dye instead of the regular cream type. With foam dyes, you just mix the solutions as said in the instructions and then use the foam it will create to massage into your hair. You basically really just lather your hair with it like you normally would shampoo, and there won't be any staining issues.

    • After that, just let it sit for the specified time required and then rinse it off. It takes me about 3 washes to get it completely clean, and you’ll know when it is because there won’t be any more color to the water runoff. Now to keep the color for as long as possible, it’s recommended to use a shampoo and a conditioner that are suited for color treated hair - I personally don’t do this. X) But anyway, some dyes may be too harsh for your hair and end up drying it, so best to deeply condition your hair after dying it just to be sure and to use conditioner regularly from then on if you don’t already. I think that’s about it.

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  • Your hair is very close to being jet black. You're lookin' sharp, 'specially on the second photo.


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  • Yes...

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