What to wear to a job interview?

I have a job interview at a clothing store. This is my first one I've ever had. What should I wear? Should I be more casual or dressed up? How much is too much?

Also this isn't about style, but what kind of questions will they ask? I'm a little nervous.


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  • Wear something dressy, yet simple.

    You want to create the perception that the customers will look at the clothes, not you.

    And the hiring manager will be _very_ clothes conscious.


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  • show a lotta clevelage and wear fishnets and high heels. wear a skirt.


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  • Since you're under 18 I'm going to assume this is for some typical, high school part-time job. I know that when I was in high school I would wear the same kind of outfit for every job interview.

    Go for a nice, simple top (not sleeveless or low-cut).

    Some black dress pants.

    Some black ballet flats or slip-ons.

    It would be better to be overdressed then too casual. Definitely not a jeans, t-shirt and sneakers kind of deal for any job interview, ever.

    They will most likely ask you:

    1. Tell me about yourself

    2. Why do you want to work for this organization?

    3. How long would you expect to work for us if hired?

    4. What kind of hours are you looking for?

    5. What kind of pay are you looking for?

    6. What are your strengths?

    7. What are your weaknesses?

    8. Do you get along well with other people in a work environment?

    9. Why should we hire you?

    10. Do you work well under pressure?

    Just remember to relax and think before you respond.

    Good luck.