Do girls look for a guy that's confient?

Okay, I'm asking this because not everybody is cute...Lets face it...Their are uglies in this world...but even a guy isn't that great looking and a guy comes up to you with confidences and actually is funny and not being a creeper would he get your number?

  • Yeah, I love confidences in a guy!
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  • No, if he is ugly...I'm not talking to him even if he is confident
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  • No, I never give my number out...
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  • Sure, I'll just give him a fake one.....
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No its actually really not about me. I don't really have a problem talking to girls...If they like me they like me if they don't hey sh*t happens.


Most Helpful Girl

  • hell ya confidence is a great thing and not everyone has a lot of it and if a guy isn't completely ugly then sure he can have my number, confident guys are great and if your talkin bout you then remember that not all girls are that sallow:)

    if you have any questions add me and ask away


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What Girls Said 3

  • yeah, if you are kinda ugly, but confident + nice + funny, you are not a lot less ugly and over time, can start looking rather joke

  • If you don't care about yourself, you won't care FOR yourself. People with low self esteem generally do not take very good care of themselves. Guys who take care of themselves are MUCH sexier than a pretty rich sloth. If he doesn't have the common sense, and decency to wash, how can I expect him to care about me? Confident guys will usually be very clean, neat, and polite. They CARE!

  • ya


What Guys Said 1

  • If you know any girls that are more beautiful in person than in their pictures, it's because of their attitude and personality. They carry themselves proudly and strongly and that makes them hotter. Confidence does the same thing to guys.

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