What is it that a women looks for in a man?

I just want to know I have never had a girlfriend so I want to know what women are looking for


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  • Different strokes for different folks... No woman's definition of a perfect man will be exactly the same... But generally, we have these similar interests..

    * Decent looking or better.

    * Hard working

    * Bad boy (attitude only) -- not an actual asswipe. haha..

    * Good hygiene

    * One who treats us the way we demand to be treated

    * Masculine.. oh yeah, MAJOR turn-on.

    * Brains & common sense.. yup you need them

    * A GENTLEMAN of course =)

    • I know I was just looking for a ball park idea of what women like. Thank you for your reply I have been told I am a gentleman but I don't think I am lol but you listed all the things I thought of

    • You're welcome! Oh and I forgot... Have a great sense of humor.. Somewhat sarcastic.. We hate grumpies.

    • Thx lol XD

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  • Just someone who is easy to be around, is nice, very sweet(does thoughtful things), can hold a conversation, funny that's important, makes time for you.

    I think those are the most important personality wise

    It looks like you need a haircut cause long hair doesn't look good on you. You look like a chick.

    Not to insult you just advice

    • That was my bad day my hair is rocked out on my good days then you should see me lol

    • But I can't realy cut my hair One It is the only style I look half way good in and secound I made a vow years ago not to. One like smason did but I don't get any strength lol

  • i think girls don't want the guys who is so into themself and the ones who act a bit like a girls they are the worst ... the girls looks for in a guy is the sensitive one and the Confidence and who don't just goof around all the time and believe me all girls like to be the center of Attention and the ones who cares all the time about her and the romantic one is always the best of course don't try to be a stupid or smart and the bad boys always get a score


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  • Confidence is single handedly one of the biggest things a girl is attracted to. My problem is I'm not confident and when I try to be they can see right through me. Hopefully you will have better luck.