I'm meetin my crush. What to wear?

We are both 18. British. I'm a light dark skin shade (not "dark" at all but I don't use the terms black and white) also would never be classes as mixed race. he's a natural tanned shade.

He'll probably be wearing jeans maybe a Ralph Lauren jumper or shirt or just casual t shirt

i wanna take him to a nice rooftop bar. Maybe have a few drinks. If we end up drunk ftr we are really sexually interested in eachother so it won't matter as long as we have a laugh. We need to catch up and although he doesn't have a crush on me per say that I know of he does really wanna get sexual but he wants to resolve our issues even more. Which is weird because I'm not the one who couldn't care less about talking

i haven't seen him for 4 years so it's important I make a statement and show him I've matured and am mad sexy

I am going to have an amazing time flirting with him and he's a fairly shy 18 year old he used to be quite shy as a child. I'm shy myself but I can be alright. If I am confident then it'll help him.

i love my fashion but I am so stuck rn. I need an outfit to go with a hard shell red handbag. The only shoes I've considered isare my Ralph Lauren canvas trainers and my ankle stiletto boots but I kinda want new shoes

Any ideas? All up for going shopping because actually I dumped my wardrobe a few weeks ago anyway


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  • They say 4 years can't change a man.

    But it damn well can in front of a birthday suit.

    Just sayin.

    • Can't turn up to a bar naked

What Girls Said 1

  • Not too slutty.

    • Ikr I keep thinking how the heck do I balance it out but your opinion didn't help much

    • @Tenerilove Well, probably the best way is ask him what he's wearing and go from there. Similar, but feminine and pretty. A little makeup but not the same as if it was wedding day.

    • That's a really good idea. A bit embarrassing to bring it up though I don't think fashion is his priority.

      Maybe I'll ask to him dress smart casual. Ask him what he's wearing and make out its to make sure we get into the bar

      Because he's my crush and I'm not really his (or wasn't way back then) I don't want him to think I've made a huge effort (even though it might be true don't know yet) or that im interested in making an us