Girls, Top Ten Must Haves?

Okay, so girls and I went shopping yesterday, and I found that we all had very different lists. Here's mine, what's yours?

1. a short, black leather jacket.

2. a brown leather jacket, short as well

3. aviator shades

4. dark jeans, that show off your ass

5. three black dresses (casual, semi-formal, & uber-formal)

6. black floral dress

7. red heels

8. converse, of various colors

9. fishnet stockings

10. moccasins

guys, feel free to add what you like on girls. ;]


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  • 1. A really good, nicely fitting pair of skinny jeans.

    2. A versatile pair of canvas shoes (I'm obsessed with Converse, Vans, and Keds)

    3. White V-neck shirt

    4. High waisted shirt

    5. Pair of black tights

    6. Ray Ban Wayfarers (or knockoffs in my case, wahh)

    7. A cardigan! I wear them so much.

    8. A dress that can be dressed up or dressed down.

    9. A statement piece of jewelry that can add interest to an outfit.

    10. Tank tops for layering.

    Basically all I'd ever need, lol.


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  • Not a girl but since there's no similar question for guys I'll answer anyway. I'm going to limit it to clothes since I ASSUME that's what you're asking for although if I had a choice there would be tons of non apparel-related things on my list.

    1. Pair of combat boots/hiking boots.

    -Already own

    2. Plain leather riding jacket that isn't an obvious a riding jacket so that it can be worn casually.

    -Already own one but it's a bit too big now that I've lost weight. Need to get a new one that's sized properly when finances will allow

    3. Pair of GOOD cross training/running shoes.

    -Already own but due for replacement soon

    4. Pair of black cargo pants

    -Own but they're cheap Walmart ones that likely won't last very long. I'll replace them with some quality ones when I reach my goal size.

    6. Denim Jacket.

    -Haven't owned one since I was a teenager. Badly want another one but I'm picky about how it looks and can't find one like my old one ANYWHERE

    7. Black T-shirt with Decepticons logo on it

    -Don't own YET but will.

    8. Jeans with Kevlar reinforced knees, hips, and seat. Preferably Sartso brand.

    -Don't own yet but will when I reach my goal weight.

    9. Icon Contra textile riding jacket

    -Will likely buy one in the Spring

    10. Good pair of driving gloves

    -Used to have them, don't anymore, will soon.

    • denim jackets on guys..

      if worn right. yum.

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    • combat boots? As pair of you fashion? I wear them to work every day.. why the hell would I want to wear them when I get off? I feel like people that wear combat boots for funsies are just trying to look "hard core" but without actually doing anything badass..

    • MrEM4N: I find them comfortable and protective. I like wearing protective clothing. When I have things on that are light weight and not sturdy I don't feel right.

  • Just for fun my 10 list -

    Formal wear -

    10 - a black fedora with rings on the brim (just picked this up today)

    9 - white dress shirt black tie

    8 - black skinny jeans with black bandana

    7 - combat boots.

    Casual -

    6- Converse black hightops that have been worn into the ground

    5 - varies punk band shirt that's either ripped or stained

    4 - studded / chain bracelets

    3 - padlock necklace

    2 - biker jacket that's covered in studs and what not

    1 - nightmare before Christmas wallet with chain.

    for girls

    10 - converse black hightops

    9 - raccoon eyeliner

    8 - bracelets

    7 - fitted band shirts

    6 - skinny jeans

    5 - tripp pants/shorts

    4 - hoodie

    3 - tank top

    2 - guitar pick necklace (hadn made)

    1 - combat boots.

  • You've made a common mistake most girls make. Dark jeans don't show off your ass. Light jeans do. (or at very least more so).

  • Dress me. What are the top 10 things a guy must have. I'm clueless !

    • Ahaha, depends on the guy :]

    • Top 10 Must Haves for your a guy you'd date.. I would like to know ;)

    • Ahah, errr..

      1. jeans that look good & are NOT too short. or too tight. or high.

      2. at least one sweater he wears all the time. like, that he lends you when you're cold that smells of him.

      3. shoes that fit his style. As long as theyre not flip flops, I don't really care.

      4. at least seven teeshirts that are super soft & super comfortable, but that look hot and fit his form.

      5. a cologne that smells of him. Of his personality, of him. One that fits who he is.

  • jeans are always a winner and it looks superhot


What Girls Said 18

  • I'm not exactly sure what category these must haves fall under? Are we just talking about clothes?

    They aren't really must haves, but it is a top ten list of things that I do have or would like to have, basically defining my style.

    1. a good pair of jeans

    2. plenty of bright, striped, polka dotted, happy looking panties

    3. running shoes (I haven't bought any since high school)

    4. cute, comfortable, casual shoes that can be worn in professional settings

    5. a long flowy skirt that is tight at the waist with pockets

    6. loose fitting cargo pants or shorts

    7. this convertible pant skirt I found at etsy :3

    8. A colourful, patterned top, either tight or with lots of flowy fabric

    9. Sparkly hair clips and other such icing for my defiant hair

    10. a gown for special occasions: link Something with lots of ruffles and folds and in rich fabric with paisley embroidery and black pearls in dark green *_*

  • 1. ray ban aviators or wayfarers

    2. true religion dark jeggings

    3. little black dress

    4. cardigans in black / grey

    5. victorias secret yoga pants

    6. tall uggs in black / grey / chocolate brown

    7. juicy couture velour hoodies

    8. diamond stud earrings

    9.grey / black jeggings

    10. ugg moccasins in black / chocolate brown

    11.tank tops in white / black

    12. leather motorcycle jacket in black

    13. a comfy pair of black flats

    14. black leggings

    15. warm under armour hoodies

    I definately can't choose 10!

  • this is what I have:

    1. 3/4 sleeve cardigans (black and light pink one)

    2. 3 pairs of jeans, 1 dark, 1 medium color, and 1 straight leg (the other two are boot leg)

    3. a black corduroy coat, it's peacoat style

    4. socks

    5. underwear

    6. some tank tops (white ones to wear under everything, a black shiney sequin one, a black and white stripe one and a pink and white stripe one)

    7. some long sleeve tees that are comfy and have no name brands on them, mostly in colors of gray, dark blue and stuff like that.

    8. Some skirts, I like skirts that are flowy and to the knee because in the summer they help keep me cool (don't like to wear jeans in the summer at all)

    9. some shorts, especially for the summer

    10. oh and for shoes, I like sandals for the summer, 1 pair of walking shoes (addidas superstars) and 1 pair of running/hiking shoes (nikes).

    That's about it I think.

  • 1. little black dress

    2. black high heels

    3. sunglasses

    4. well fitting pair of jeans

    5. neutral colored purse

    6. matching costume jewelry

    7. graphic tees

    8. pea coat

    9. casual dress

    10. yoga pants

  • 1. Jeans, bootcut and dark wash, bench is a good brand

    2. Zip-up Hoodie, from tna.

    3.white Camisol with lace around the top, or a razorback with lace on the straps/razorback part

    4.T-shirt, plain or with a simple design

    5.Long, and short grey cardigans

    6. Black leather boots, with no heel, NOT UGGS!

    7. Puma shoes

    8.Longer necklaces, a simple chain with a charm, such as a leaf, or a rhinestone ball

    9. a huge purse

    10. A wool coat, not sure exactly what its called, you know the black coats everyone wears

    11. black wool mittens, and a cute scarf for when its cold.

  • 1. Good pair of dark skinny jeans.

    2. Cardigans in all colors! I loveee cardigans.

    3. Tank tops. Lots of them. They come in really handy.

    4. V neck shirts in long & short sleeve, white and black are essentials.

    5. Flats!

    6. A pretty floral dress or skirt.

    7. Professional clothes such as dress pants, shirts, and pencil skirts.

    8. Stilettos, every girl needs a pair to dress up any outfit.

    9. Stud earrings, I hate the big dangly kinds. They're so ugly. Small-medium sized studs are classy.

    10. tights/leggings. Black is very necessary.

    • Tank tops.. it depends. If its thick strap, uugh. and if there's lace, it can't be thick at the bottom, grosss

  • 1. chucks - hands down! lol

    2. vans

    3. skinnies - black, dark blue, and gray

    4. cardigans - that's just my thing

    5. stud size earrings - I have about eight piercings in my ears and they all must be filled

    6. small side bag - the one that hangs like a mini messanger bag. it keeps things out of my pockets

    7. black tights

    8. gotta have my t-shirts - funny, white, or black

    9. yellow i-pod - definitely an accessory lol

    10. light-weight knitted hat - saves me from bad hair days

  • 1. Lightweight jacket, easy to cary too and from school

    2. good pair of jeans that make my butt look good

    3. tight-fit solid color V-neck

    4. versatile flats ( I'm to tall for much else D':)

    5. jean shorts that cut off just above the knee

    6. flow-y skirt

    7. good running shoes

    8. nice cloth bag f

    9. tank top

    10. funny tee shirt

  • hmmm if it's MUST have only...meaning you cannot go without it or everyone should have one:

    1)a white/black camisole

    2)a black cardigan

    3)a white/black short sleeved shirt

    4)a white/black long sleeved shirt

    5)a nice, pressed white collared button up shirt

    6)a nice pair of black dress pants

    7)a good pair of jeans (prefer dark but other washes are fine too)

    8)a good pair of sneakers

    9)a watch

    10)a smile :)

    ...and yeah, I have a lot more than this in my closet, definitely more colors too but if it was down to essentials, this is what I would pick.

  • 1. Skinny jeans

    2. Cardigan.

    3. I love Converse.

    4. SKIRT! Any, as long as short and cute ;). I specially love ones from h&m

    5. dress

    6. awesome dress

    7. Well I already have my fav leather jacket so am going for an adorable wool winter coat.

    8. shoes.

    9. High heels

    10. boots

  • 1. skinny jeans, flare jeans (of dark and light coloring)

    2. brown and black flats

    3.brown and black heals

    4.awesome shades

    5. tights/dresses

    6. tight graphic tees

    7. outrageous bikini

    8.of course the converse

    9. different colored dresses

    10. jewelry! (necklaces, rings, earings ect)

    lol I love shopping! :) haha

  • 1. A good pair of running or hiking shoes

    2. A good pair of jeans that hold up and hug you

    3. Comfy T-Shirts

    4. Sweaters that are comfy and warm

    5. Socks that cushion and provide a bit of support

    6. Flip Flops

    7. A good formal dress that's business appropriate

    8. Jackets

    9. Black heels that don't hurt your feet

    10. Confidence

  • 1. Carhartt pants

    2. Warm fleece pants (for hunting they're nice and quiet)

    3. Xtratuffs (I live in Southeast Alaska... Xtratuffs are the boots of choice)

    4. Tank tops (I love the way I can move my arms in 'em)

    5. Fun graphic tees

    6. Grundens sweatshirt

    7. A pair of blue jeans that fit just perfect (my favorite kind is the one that hugs your thighs then slightly flares out at the leg)

    8. Outdoor Research rain jacket! (I think this is my favorite piece of clothing I own!)

    9. Smart wool socks :D

    10. Victoria's Secret cotton v-string (I think this is the girliest one yet, haha!)

  • 1 Ray Ban Wafarers

    2 Leather Jacket

    3 boots

    4 dark wash straight leg jeans

    5 good black top (can wear under anything)

    6 black tights

    7 red lipstick

    8 scarves

    9 black or red cardigan

    10 earrings

  • I like your list

    My personal favorites are

    tan leather jacket

    floral summer dress

    white summer dress

    dark blue denim skirt

    dark blue skinny jeans

    black skinny jeans

    boots (I like uggs)

    leather boots

    gladiator shoes/thong sandals

    tank for layering


  • headband, heels, jeans (skinny), off shoulder dress..i can't think of any more!

  • not in any particular order

    1) dark skinny jeans

    2) black peep-toe pumps

    3) cardigans

    4) flats to match the cardigans

    5) simple tank tops

    6) long necklaces

    7) black leggings

    8) suede boots

    9) shades that suit your face

    10) earrings: one simple pair, like studs or huggies, a dangling pair, and hoops for going out

  • I cannot pick just ten! Also it depends what climate you live in. Mine would be ...

    1) navy/black skinny or straight leg jeans

    2) black pencil skirt

    3) floral skirt

    4) denim shorts (can be worn in summer or winter with tights)

    5) plain white tee with a flattering neckline for you

    6) a fun tee in a flattering colour

    7) and 8) two cami tops in flattering colours (these can be tucked into pencil skirt or floral skirt to look like a dress)

    9) and 10) two cardigans in colours to match all outfits

    11) sweater in a colour to match all outfits

    12) a trench/ pea coat

    13) a casual parka or leather jacket

    14) and 15) specially interesting tops

    16) a shirt that can be worn buttoned up formally or as a casual layer over tees

    17) plain flat ballerina pumps

    18) a pair of casual canvas shoes - Keds/Vans/Converse

    19) a pair of your-skin-colour high heels (if any!)

    20) a pair of flat knee high boots in colour to flatter wardrobe

    21) Fancy black heels

    22) A selection of tights

    23) a jeans belt

    24) a waist cinching belt

    25) a little black/ navy/ beige/ coral! dress

    or whatever the hell you want ...potato sacks all the way!