How to dress my body type?

no pictures, just a short description.
broad shoulders
big boobs- DDs
small waist but my stomach isn't completely flat, not fat either though
high hips (meaning they start out higher, its like having love handles made of bone) they're toned.
wide hips (but they aren't too much bigger then my high hips)
big butt
long muscular legs

my main problem is shirts. if i wear a loose or baggy shirt, i look top heavy because it shows my shoulders and boobs off while hiding my waist and my shoulders are wider then my hips so they look smaller
and if i wear a tight shirt, i look more bottom heavy because it shows off my lower body but just makes me look smaller on top
my favorite outfit is a tight sleeveless crop top with loose high waisted pants because the pants smooth out my high hips and make my regular hips look a bit bigger then usual so now they're in line with my shoulders, and since the shirt is sleeveless, it shows. and it also shows my waist by being tight. but i need more ideas. basically i want to look proportional


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  • So with your broad shoulders halter style dresses and tops won't be flattering unless you don't mind your shoulders to look really broad. I agree t shirts for anybody without an athletic figure are hard to get to fit. I think try a high waisted skirt and if you can sew get a t shirt that fits your shoulders and take in the bottom.

  • im trying to imagine it but a picture would be better, im thinking A line style skirts that flare out

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