Do you manscape, what's your opinion on it?

So guys basically when it comes to your hair below the shoulders do you go all natural? Do you shave, do you trim? If you do shave or trim what things do you shave and trim? I'm naturally not super hairy I have hardly any hair on my forearms and the only hair on my torso is really just a thin happy trail from my crotch to my belly button. I trim my armputs so the hair is very short. I don't shave it off completely but it's very short. Same with my crotch. I trim my pubes down so that they are only like a cm in length. I do it because it feels more comfortable and it reduces odor. I have hairy shins but I leave those natural.

and Girls what is your preference?

  • I manscape shave/I like a guy who shaves all his body hair
  • I'm all natural/ I like a guy who's all natural
  • I manscape trim like you/ I like a guy who does a little trimming
  • Other (some specifics of maybe trimming or shaving some places but not others)
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  • I prefer au natural...


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  • I shave it all, except for my arm hair.
    Girls like it shaved too.

    • Some do.

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    • I've had both opinions from girls. Some have told me they like natural and think a guy looks pre-pubescent if they're completely smooth and some have said they like it shaved. And things in between.

    • If you at least have some muscle definition, shaved will always look better.
      In real life, I've never heard a hot girl say they prefer a hairy man. I have heard them say they like hairy legs (as long as it's not excessive), but when it comes to upper body and privates, they prefer shaved.

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  • I have more hair than I want. It sucks, bro. I trim my chest, stomach and hair on my boy parts about once every month. I also shave a tiny patch on my upper foot if I am going to be wearing flip flops.
    Wish I could get my chest and stomach totally smooth. :(

  • I trim it when it starts to look (and feel) like the Amazon jungle. Gotta give your johnson some breathing room, ya know?

  • I shave it all, and then just trim my leg hair.

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