What do you guys think of these Tattoo Artists and style?

Thinking of getting a Tattoo? What do you guys think of the New school/ illustrative style? And these Tattoo Artists/ studios?

Barracuda tattoo studio. Logan
Family Art tattoo. Victor Chil
Loose Screw Tattoo. Jesse Smith
Nick Baxter


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  • I like Logan's Style.
    Victor seems very good at color Portraits.
    Jesse is the one I liked least, but not because of the quality, because of the warped style.
    Nick, well, I personally hate Biomechanical, but his quality seems good.

    I really like new school and illustrative, as in the art itself, but not to tattoo on myself. It wouldn't look right on me. but if it visually fits you, go for it.
    I'm more into graffiti style or realistic fine line black and grey.

    Before getting a tattoo, think about placement and how it could impact your career choices later on. Once you have a design, keep it with you for a couple of months. chances are you will love it more every day, or you will find details that need changing or you'll get over it and start from scratch.

    • this guy did my back: www.google.de/search

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    • I meant to say Watercolor is NOT new school :-)

    • Huh yer I know watercolour is not new school

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  • I don't know any of them to be honest, but I searched them up and none of them were appealing.

    If you want to get a tattoo then get a simple one, one that you do not regret later on in life, like a simple design or a simple quote.


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  • I like the guy in Vegas that did mine. He is on TV sometimes.