What could I wear that guys would think is cute?

I'm short and curvy and I want to wear something to impress my crush tomorrow, guys or girls what kinds of things do guys like on girls and why and what should I wear? thank you so much:)


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  • Honestly, whatever you're comfortable in and feel good in! Guys can definitely tell when a girl is confident and they are attracted to them. If you wear something you feel revealed in, you're not going to project a positive self-image. If you feel beautiful and happy with yourself a guy will take notice and wonder what makes you so special, and he'll want to find out!

    There may be certain clothes that guys like better on girls (short skirts...tight tops...) but if you don't feel comfortable in it it'll make it more awkward than if you wore a cute top and jeans that fit your body. Just don't look sloppy, smile, and do your hair. Look like you put effort into your look (which I'm sure you already do!) and the right guy will notice you for who you are!

  • i wishhh I could answer tihs..i would like to know what clothing guys find attractive too..i would imagine something tight though