Hot guys dating average looking girls?

how would the guy treat the girl?


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  • Well if he's dating her presumably he's interested in a relationship with her and if he's interested in a relationship her her that means her exclusively. So if he's willing to select her over all other possible choices why would he treat her any differently than if she was smoking hot?

    • He might just be looking for sex without putting in any effort.

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    • Well if you consider a couple of walks on the beach "dating". I consider that as a guy stringing a girl along and putting in no effort.

    • Well it's really up to you to gauge things like what qualifies as a date, when it's getting serious, etc. Those things are kind of subjective and there's no concrete rule. But there should be a point in the relationship where you get to know him well enough that you can trust him and his intentions and where it is is up to you.

      But if he's legit he'll put in the effort to prove it. And if he really likes you he'll treat you right. You deserve nothing less.

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  • honestly, guys treat everyone of their girlfriends the same (except if he feels that one is special and deserves more) it wouldn't matter if other people think that she is 'average, smokin hot or fugly' because he finds her beautiful