Should I wear my hair in twisted braides or my afro short hair (honest opinion)?

My dad told me bluntly that he's getting sick and tired of be wearing that wig I need to start wearing my real hair again and I look very good with short hair. He said, "We're going to fix you up. Get rid of that stupid wig and embrace your African American roots."
I like my wig and my hair is too nappy, even after shampoo, condition it and comb it. I'm thinking about wearing twisty braids in my hair. My aunt said that would be nice but I can also twist my real hair because it's going to be hot in the summer and suggest me to wear then in the winter. That's HER opinion. Why do people keep telling me I look good with short hair? I appriciate the compliments but I wanna style my hair and I look like a man since I have broad shoulders and I'm tall. I don't wanna look like a dude. I'm an adult and i can wear my hair how I want.

  • I agree with your dad. Stop hiding your hair and rock that afro!
  • Twisted Braids!
  • It's your choice
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  • I think someone your age can make their own decisions on something so simple as looks.

    • Thanks for MHO!
      Every grown up can wear whatever they want! Be themselves! (They might want to think a bit about their decision before making it, of course. lol 😜)

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  • I suggest using your real hair but it's your choice in how to style it. It's definitely hard to take care of hair but it's worth it.


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  • how do you keep the wig in place?

    • Who cares?

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    • Thank you

    • you're welcome :)

  • Afros in my opinion can look absolutely stunning! I'm actually jealous because you probably have really thick, amazing hair. It IS ultimately your choice, but this is just my opinion.