What is it that you don't find attractive about me?

I don't know what it is but I walk down the street and I see women just staring at me with a come hither look like they want to jump my bone right then and there but what is it that makes me unattractive? For exp: The girl I like won't even let me give her a hug or a high five for that matter. am I really that ugly? Just makes me feel like Frankenstein's creation.


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  • First of all,let me add the fact that every girl is different.In other words,we all think differently and view things differently.Therefore,if a girl finds you attractive,another girl might think you're not. - -I've said that so many times.lol.And honestly,I find you good-looking...hun,you're nowhere near being frankenstein's creation,not to me.If you think you're ugly,then trust me,you have seen nothing yet.lol.Btw,many girls,like myself,find guy who can play guitar or any type of instrument a turn on- -that's a fact.I hope this doesn't come off too strong or shallow because you look like a nice guy,but yh, I understand that you would like to be yourself when it comes to your image,but personally,if I saw you on the street,the first thing I would think is that you needed an upgrade.Seriously,you look like someone that's stuck in the 80's.I took my time to read the small sentence you had in your profile and yh,your hair is the main thing to believe you're still stuck in the 80's,aside from your jacket and yh,I saw that you bowed not to cut your hair,but would it kill you to experiment for awhile?

    For example,try cutting your hair in a different hairstyle you might like.Something that's more modern and might suit your face better like this link or this link and if you threw away or put aside the jacket for awhile for one like this link or maybe even this link you know like more modern and a bit more hipster.lol.I am no fashion expert,but I think you should experiment a bit.Also,the girl you like sounds a bit too shallow.Not giving you a hug or a high five?wow.If I were you,I would move on and try to find someone who would hug you and and give you all the high five's you wanted,regardless of how you decide to look.And whatever you do decide to do at the end,someone worth your time should like you for who you are- -I wish you goodluck :)

    • Thank you for your comment I am more in the 70's and it would kill me if I cut my hair it barely grows at snail speed so it would take years for me just to change it from onwe hair cu8t to another

    • Please cut your hair...It will make a world of difference!!!!

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  • its the mullet that is putting girls off, other than that I see no faults with you. You don't have to cut your hair, but just let the "business" sections grow out. Long hair is sexy.

    • It is not a mullet it is featherd it is growin out all the way it is a bad pic but my hair is rocked all the way out lol

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    • I felt like maybe I worded that too harshly...You're a good looking kid, when you ignore the hair thing. I don't think there's anything wrong with how you dress or your weight. Just grow out that hair! Please!

    • Lol I know hank you for yor answer and my hair is grown ou it is very bad pic and so are the other pics. Buy he ime people get around to taking them my hair gets flat so it dose look like a mullet but it is not lol

  • How the hell does Daniel have the best answer?

    You probably smell, or you creep them out.

    I don't think you should have to change your personal appearance to get girls to be attracted to YOU because you do after all want them to fall for YOU.

    It's all confidence and humor. Girls are suckers for those things.


    • Lol I do know that it is not the best answer But he did point out a few facts that I thought where important No I do not smell bad I smell quite good infact lol. Also, Thank you fo that little bit of information ant the end some may say I have to much confidence and some may say I have to little but what can we say I am different around certain people. But when it comes to humor what kind of humor would be right? I know things that are immature and that are rude and gross don't fly with women

  • Um your hair, your clothes, your body shape. If you want girls to find you attractive then you have to try a little bit.. Cut your hair and sort your appearance out.

  • I think you'd look better if you got a haircut.

    • Why thank you I know my hair is a turn off but I can't cut it off. One: I vowed not to and two: I look a lot worst if my hair was cut any other way trust me it dose

  • it's that God awful hair

    your pics show that you have bad style

    you don't look 16, more like 30 and that is due to the hair, the clothes and a little of the extra pudge.

    no offense though luckily all this can be changed

    Your profile says "I am who I am No I will not cut my hair I have vowed not to so no I won't" but you have to realize if you want girls to find you attractive then you should put some effort in to look the part. I mean would you date the female version of you?

    • I would cause like Jack LaLane says he never met an ugly woman he dosn't see how they are now but how they can be lol I will get my hair trimmed a little but that is it I just can't get a whole new hair style If I did it would never grow back

  • Mah Mah Mah... HOLY MULLET, BATMAN! I don't think ladies are giving you the I wanna jump you look.. its the wait- what the hell year is it look?!?

  • You have a split personality. Or an ego that needs to be stroked. How does your head fit through your door frame? LOLZ.


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  • I don't know. It's like that sometimes. I'm an average looking person but sometimes women will do that than other times they don't notice at all. And when there is one I like she has no interest.

    I never could figure this out other than just coincidence and mathematical probability.

  • 1. Chop the hair.

    2. Change your clothers.

    3. Hit the gym m8...you got a body that's built for weights and benchpress but your eating to many twinkies.


    • Lol I know I do But I can't work out I get realy REALY mean wehn I do

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    • True...

      1. well the work out advise stands.

      2. YES you can cut the hair lol it MUST go.

      3. Go to a thrift store...clothes for a buvk or two all diff styles and crap...Dude trust me I know clothes are expensive...maybe I don't mean buy new designer clothes...how how about just washing them keeping them clean unwrinkled...dont be so baggy

    • Stands? No I can not cut my hair I have vowed not to years ago, I do know about thrift stores I go there some times it is just hard to find things that look good and are in my size I do try to keep my cloths wrinkle free and when it comes to the baggy part I hate that as well I do everything I can with what I have I know they are baggy but they only got that way cuase I have been working out beening stuck at home dose do some good but there are still people here that don't need me getting angery

  • maybe you are frankinstiens creation. the women on the street are looking at you because of the electric prongs sticking out of your head. as for the girl you like. slap her on the ass. that'll teach her.

    • No, Slaping a woman on the ass like that is rude and immature

    • Not if she is dirty and likes it homo

    • Yes it is I would not do that in public when she wants to get her freak on in bed then sure but out and about you have to treat women with respect no matter who they are and what they look like

  • Lmao, you need to cut your hair, get new clothes and work out. The hair is so ridiculous I laughed ahahaha

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