Is it a pain? guys, your time to sh!ne. ;]

so for guys, when your out shopping with your friends, you buy...what? minimal, or to the max like girls?

and when your with your girl, do you carry her bags? do you wait as she tries stuff on, and then sneak into the changing room when the door finally opens? or do you rather not join her shopping at all ?


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  • First of all I don't go shopping with male friends; that's gay. I go and get what I need and I'm done.

    When I go with my girl I try to comment on her purchases, make suggestions and try not to get caught checking out other girls, even if they are hotter than mine.


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  • Shopping with a girl is as close to hell as it gets unless it is underwear or bathing suit shopping. I don't even like shopping when I'm getting stuff for myself.

  • idk it depends on what I need to buy

    most of the time its alright

    and if I'm with a girl I'll only carry her bags if she has more than she can handle

    and I don't really care about going to the mall with her

    if its me and her ill go but if there's another girl then there won't really be any need for me there


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