Some days he looks/flirts with me A LOT but every now and then he will only look at me a bit. What gives?!

he will like flirt with me for a while (like maybe 2 weeks) and then randomly not even look at me one day the next week. And its like cool you act like you really like me than randomly not even talk to me...ur not confusing. *sarcasm* then the next class he will be back to flirting with me. what does this mean? do guys have days where they don't even flirt with a girl they like?


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  • No, "guys" do not have days like that. "boys" do.

    For all you know, someone else that he likes could be around when you're there, thus not allowing him to directly be flirtatious with you.

    The only thing I can say here is that see if he chases you when you start to lose interest.

    Relationships that start out this way aren't healthy. There's too much indirect notions.

    You could straight up ask him, or maybe even call him out on it, "So your friend told me you like me, Is that true? Or did he mix me up with someone else" (You're obviously not going to say it with your hands at your hips.) Maybe giggling, smiling laughing etc.



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  • He is playing with you, and he wants attention. He wants YOUR attention on HIM. It may just be his way of flirting, but he probably likes to play head games. I've known guys like this, WATCH OUT. Most of them are players, and it's very unlikely that he is one of the rare types that do just flirt that way. You may fit his "type" IE what he finds sexy, but that doesn't mean you will be his fave or his one and only.