Whenever I caught him, he'd look away.

So I was on the bus today and I noticed that this really, REALLY cute guy kept looking at me. Constantly. To the point where it got kind of awkward. Whenever I caught him, he'd look away. For example, he'd look down on his phone and then catch a peek at me then when I would look at him, he'd hold eye contact for like 2 seconds then look away. Why was he doing this? I know what most of you will say: "he finds you attractive" or something along the lines of that...but the thing is, I would NEVER expect a guy who is as good looking as him to be looking at me. People tell me I'm pretty and all and I somewhat believe it but this guy was like...Brad Pitt #2 hahahaha. Yes, I know, my self-esteem is a bit low. I'm working on it :) Maybe other people see you as more attractive than you see yourself? Hmm, I don't know..=/


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  • It's not uncommon for people to see others as better looking than they see themselves. Maybe he has the same self-confidence issues, but thinks the same thing about you. :)

    • But when guys do the kind of staring this guy did....does it ALWAYS mean he thinks you're attractive?

    • It almost always does.

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  • Awww He sounds cute.He must have been extremely shy,I should know because I do the same thing to guys all the time. Even tho you have low self-esteem. The best way to have gotten to know him wouldve been to to work up the courage and talk to to him,because he probably thinks you're too pretty for him to step to you :]