Guys, when you see a random girl that you don't know?

and you constantly look at her (but look away when she notices you), does it mean that you think she is attractive? Or is this just a normal thing for guys...


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  • Yeah, it's a normal think to scope girls out. Girls attract guys by the qualities they display. They retain them by the qualities they possess.


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  • Well sometimes a guy when he stares too long does not want to seem creepy, so he will stare away. I do this to girls I like so I can resume staring without her thinking I'm creepy, although I'm pretty good looking so I don't think they mind much. So yea usually when a guy stares at a girl Constantly, not once in a while he thinks she is attractive.

    • But what is the point of staring so much? Are you waiting for us to smile at you or say something? Or do you want us to know something?

    • Well that means he's checking a girl out because he finds her very attractive.I don't really think a guy is waiting for a sign or wanting you to know something. Guys aren't complicated like that. He looks, he likes. its that simple. but in his mind he would like for you to smile back and show some interest. When I look at a girl it is because I am atracted to her. Later if I want to ask her out then I wait for her to smile at me and indicate interest so I know I won't get turned downed and embarasd

    • I guess it is that simple...

      thanks for your help!

  • It pretty much means we notice you. It could mean we think you're pretty or you're just cute.

  • It's the norm for some guys, but it depends on the guy overall-


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