What would you do in a situation with a girl with a wondering eye?

I've been in an on and off relationship for about five years with a very free-spirited girl that has commitment issues in the past, including cheating on me twice that I'm aware of. Outside of this, she is a wonderful person and great girlfriend, just sometimes her mind wonders. Usually, things will be great for a year or so, she gets bored, meets other guys, we break up, she dates around, then comes back to me saying she still has feelings for me and she understands what she had, we get back together, and things run smoothly for a year, then the process repeats itself. The last 14 - 18 months have been great up till about two weeks ago when she started showing signs of interest in other guys again and I found she'd sent a nude picture of herself to one of these guys. I called her on it and we talked for a bit and at first apologized and now she's trying to flake it off like it wasn't anything important. Before this happened, I was ready to propose to this girl, and I don't want to give up on her, but this has got to stop. Question is, do you think I should break up with her and give her a good amount of time to figure stuff out for herself or should I give her another chance? Thanks for your opinions.


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  • I think she's played you too many times.

    You can't keep waiting around for her... I mean it's like once she's gone off and gotten with other guys and got what she wants, she comes back to you.

    You can only give one or two chances but she's done it way too many times to deserve more and you deserve better than that.

    I say... give it some space. Let her go think about what she's doing and let her know you're not gonna be around when she comes back to you. She'll start thinking about it.

    She wouldn't have done those things if she really cared for you and really liked you.

    You have to let go. Let her know you're not gonna put up with this anymore.

    I guarantee you will find a girl like her out there or even better.


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  • move on drop her. as a female, I'm telling you this girl is a ho. I know you probably love her and don't want to heart that, but she is a ho and not a good woman. you shouldnt give ur feelings to someone like her because she won't appreciate u. right now she is doing her and she is keeping you as a backup. she's treating you like a sucker because she can always play you and then come back whenever she wants. don't give her another chance. why keep sticking around for this girl who is not serious about you when you could move on to better options? she can't be that great of a girlfriend if she's always going off to fck other guys. you deserve better and there is better out there waiting for u


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  • my x cheated on me I dropped her asap, like a load off my back

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