Apparently I have a twin...?

OK so there's this dude that looks like me (so people say),

I used to get in trouble at school for things he used to do

because no one could tell us apart. I even started suspecting we had been separated at birth.

But he gets way more girls than me (actually I got like 0)

Ok so rate these two pics, from like 1-10, and whether or not we really look alike?



  • A is more attractive. both look similar.
    Vote A
  • B is more attractive. do not look similar.
    Vote B
  • A is more attractive.both look similar.
    Vote C
  • B is more attractive. don't look similar.
    Vote D
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Most Helpful Girl

  • Vote E as in "B is more attractive. both look similar." Personally,I think you guys do look alike and I would even say you guys are the same person.Honestly,the first reason why I thought "Guy B" was more attractive was because he was smiling- -Girls love it when guys smile,it makes them seem more friendly and trustworthy."Guy A " looks too serious- -He looked like he was sleepy or just mad at someone.Well,the second reason was because "Guy B's" picture was more up close and clearer than "Guy A's" picture.In other words,they're both attractive,but "Guy A" needs to smile more."Guy A" also needs better lightning and a photographer :P lol j/p

    • Wow I butchered that poll huh .... Dammit you think we are the same person too?? I don't see it, the skin shade and physique is so different.

      ayyo, Which one do you think is me?

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    • Well,honestly,you should try smiling more,not only because a lot of girls like it when guys do,but because smiling makes a person seem more friendly,therefore,more approachable.And yes,giving compliments and eye contact can be hard,but try doing it little by little.For example,give a bit of eye contact at first and then go on from there.Once you're use to it or more comfortable doing it,it'll be easier to do.

    • But more people the guy that didn't smile was better looking.

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What Girls Said 3

  • The pics look very similar...B looks like a more likable and gentler person...A looks like he's got some dark secrets? I have twin brothers and know what they go through...They are yen and yang and yen always gets the blame for what yang does... :-)

    • =_= I don't look like him, and neither of us are gentle or likeable, but I'm less a jerk and less whiny than he is. I wish I had an identical twin...

    • If you know you are not gentle or likable...Do something about that and you'll have a happier life...No one really likes and asshole. Cheers!

    • Ouch... I'm not an asshole, I'm just very honest and very introverted.

  • I think you guys look a lot alike. Both cute, yes =]

    Guy A, I don't know why but I think he's cuter. Could just be because I can see more of him then Guy B

    Idk, you guys just look similar =] =] =] Both, VERY cute though =]

    • Yo I'm totally seeing myself getting beat up by some girl I don't know for cheating on her because she thinks I'm the other guy.... its the pecs isn't it? or is it that serious masculine aura A gives off?

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    • Are you Guy B? =] You have a cute smile, but that's almost all I can see! Haha, more pics would be nice ;)

    • Aw thank you.

  • you can't really tell that well from the difference of angles, but it looks like you and that guy look a lot alike especially around the eyes

    i give the shirtless guy a 5

    and the smiling guy a 6

    • 5 is shorter darker younger and more muscular than me though.

What Guys Said 2

  • Same facial structure, nose, eyes, hair, so maybe about an 8 at best. But it's ok with the twin thing, they say we all have one. I think I've got more than one-

  • blame him for everything.

    • Lmao, you didn't even answer the question yo.

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    • +1

    • We are sorta in different countries now so the advantages will have to wait till the summer.

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