Girls, Ladies, I want a new white shirt. Advice please?

Hi there. I am thinking of getting a nice white button down shirt to wear casually. There are so many out there, which do you think are nicest on men?
short sleeve, long?
Also, while I am at it, ant styling tips would be greatly appreciated.
Do you find this look sexy on a guy or too formal?
Thank you.


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  • a crisp white shirt can be nice but sometimes comes off as half dressed and untidy. You have to find a super nice shirt, what would you wear it with? Which country are you in?

    • In US. Thinking about teaming it with jeans and khakis.

    • This is hot

      sleeves rolled up a little for a more casual look if you wanted. Linen is a nice relaxed look however once washed looks a little scruffy.

    • I'll look for one like that in the states.
      I've noticed where I live, women are also into the white shirt look. I think this looks hot too.
      Do you like this style?

  • A white long sleeve linen shirt untucked with 2 buttons open.

    • Hadn't thought of linen. Thanks.

    • It's a great look on guys for the spring/summer with any pants but especially jeans

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